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Minister Pandjaitan: Some Things to Get More Expensive FFB

Minister Pandjaitan: Some Things to Get More Expensive FFB

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the coordination meeting, Coordinator Ministry in Maritime and Investment came to a conclusion that the government needs to deliver some things to normalize fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price.

In the meeting, the participants agreed to conduct some things, such as, the first, the government did publish policy to accelerate crude palm oil (CPO) exports to manage companies’ CPO storage tanks empty.

“This could escalate smallholders’ FFB purchase,” the meeting’s record which was directly led by Coordinator Minister in Maritime and Investment, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan by the end of June 2022 as what InfoSAWIT got.

The second, the actors of uncertainty in the globe and complexity after CPO export ban would take two to three weeks to get the situation normal again.

The third, the condition which the government could not control would contribute to the decreasing CPO price in the international. “This could be one factor that made smallholders’ FFB cheap,” the meeting noted.

The fourth, the policies published about CPO and palm cooking oil would be remaining consistent running until the situation gets normal again. The fifth, to help smallholders, the government asked for the stakeholders to purchase independent smallholders’ FFB, at least, Rp 1.600/ kg.

The sixth, Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency should help the smallholders. “It needs to gather and get data of the smallholders and this is urgent,” the meeting noted. (T2)