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Dialogue Would Analyze Palm Oil Plantation Labor Issues

Dialogue Would Analyze Palm Oil Plantation Labor Issues

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – The labors or workers in palm oil plantation sub-sector realized that palm oil industries delivered the positive to Indonesia. The exchange from palm oil sub-sector reached tens of billion American dollars in a year. Based on the result study, this sector hired about 22 million men within the exchange and added by the workers’ circular income about Rp 1.432,9 billion per year.

Chairman of Federasi Serikat Buruh Perkebunan Indonesia (F-Serbundo), Herwin Nasution said, knowing the high contribution from the labors, it is time for them and the stakeholders prioritize dialogue and keep the relation good in order not to raise continuous conflicts. He told the stakeholders should not underestimate the labors as the frightful figures which could potentially postpone the companies’ progress.

“If the labors do not have better lives, it is no question that in many countries namely in the United States of America and European countries would focus about palm oil plantation companies,” Nasution said in a multi-stakeholder seminar and social dialogue with the theme “Memperkuat Serikat Buruh sebagai Mitra Strategis Perusahaan Perkebunan Sawit”, Tuesday (5/7/2022) in Medan, which InfoSAWIT joined.

Masdon, his nick name told, our palm oil industries are the focus of the world but Indonesia could have lack of attention about them. There are many less prosperous labors out there. “Their unions are not accommodated, though in fact, the unions functions to mediate. Please do not take them as the enemies,” he said.

Masdon convinced the stakeholders, if F Serbundo wants to develop social dialogue among the labors, the stakeholders, and the government, it is about to welfare the labors and palm oil industries could operate well. (T2)