North Sumatera Offered CPO Derivative Products to Rumania

North Sumatera Offered CPO Derivative Products to Rumania

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – The Ambassador of Rumania to Indonesia, Dan Adrian Balanescu did visit and would cooperate in many platforms, including in economy with North Sumatera Province.

The visit was running in the office of North Sumatera Governor at Jalan Diponegoro Number 30, Medan, Tuesday (5/7/2022) noon. Dan Adrian Balanescu and the group was accepted by Vice Governor of North Sumatera, Musa Rajeckshah.

To Adrian Balanescu, Musa offered some agricultural products from North Sumatera, including palm oil. His nick name, Ijeck told North Sumatera has cooperated with Rumania in trade since the past years.

“North Sumatera exports crude palm oil (CPO) derivative products, such as, margarine to Rumania, reaching 70 tons per year, and also cinnamon,” he said.

The investment chance in the province, Ijeck continued, would be very good because North Sumatera has the strategies to escalate positive investment climate, namely in infrastructures. The province has Kuala Tanjung Port as the international hub which would be integrate with special economic zone in Sei Mangkei.

"The railway from Sei Mangkei to Kuala Tanjung is being constructed. Besides North Sumatera has Belawan Port for domestic trade,” he said.

The province is also as second biggest CPO producer in Indonesia after Kalimantan. “The main export in North Sumatera is helped by CPO,” he said by hoping the bilateral cooperation with Rumania would be escalating both in economic, trade, investment, tourism, education, and others. (T5)