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Zulkifli Hasan: Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Price in Java and Bali is at HRP

Zulkifli Hasan: Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Price in Java and Bali is at HRP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – On Tuesday (5/7/2022) night at about 22.00 p.m., Commission VI Indonesian Legislators did first meeting with Zulkifli Hasan, the New Minister of Trade.

To the legislators, Zulkifli claimed, bulk palm cooking oil price in Java and Bali is sold at the highest retail price (HRP) just like the government regulated.

This could be the good evidence just like what President Joko Widodo ordered. Zulkifli mentioned, he was ordered by President Joko Widodo as Minister of Trade to solve its price in one month.

“In the inauguration day, President Joko Widodo mandated me to solve bulk palm cooking oil issue in one month. In the next two weeks, it is now sold at Rp 14.000 in Java and Bali," Zulkifli told.            

In the meeting he also mentioned, the government would launch simple – packaged palm cooking oil which is sold at HRP, Rp 14.000 per liter. The brand is "Minyakita".

"I want to tell to my friends in Legislators, namely in Commission VI, this day, Wednesday ‘Minyakita’ is launched. It is a breakthrough of Ministry of Trade and the way to distribute palm cooking oil cheap and safe. ‘Minyakita’ is verified by Drug and Food Control Agency and in Indonesian National Standard,” he said.

He continued, it is hoped to ease the people in getting the stock and the distribution would be equal to many regions in this country by the brand. “We hope the simple packaged one liter - palm cooking oil can ease the distribution process and maintain the clean to the consumers. ‘Minyakita’ would be distributed to many partners of Ministry of Trade by hoping, it would be well distributed and in economic price, Rp 14.000,” Zulkifli said. It is also hoped, two weeks later, it would be less than Rp 14.000 per liter in Indonesia. (T5)