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To Fulfill Meat Supply Nationally, Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program is the Option

To Fulfill Meat Supply Nationally, Palm Oil – Cow Integrated Program is the Option

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR - As usual heading to Idul Fitri or other religious days, the needs on meat keep increasing. Unfortunately, fresh meat supply is still deficit and sometimes the price keeps highly being expensive.

That is why the government through General Directorate of Livestock and Animal Heath (GDLAH), Ministry of Agriculture tries to fulfill fresh meat supply in this country. In 2022 GDLAH targets to produce meat up to 4,59 million tons in the domestic and 451,26 thousand tons for the export.

Of course, to realize the targets, GDLAH decided prior activity and implemented three programs nationally by the upstream to downstream approach, cooperation, partnership and authority synergy.

Of the three prior programs nationally, one of them is breeding cow within Palm oil – Cow Integrated Program.

General Director of Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Nasrullah in his speech in the First Congress of Perkumpulan Multistakholder Integrasi Sawit – Sapi read by Secretary of GDLAH, Makmun said, the people’s livestock dominates the cow breeding within semi-intensive and intensive system and every breeder has two cows in average.

To breed 1,46 million cows, it needs about 5,84 million hectares to build shed and cultivate the green woof. Until now there are less areas to livestock business and depend on the available sources of animal woof around the breeding location or the cows are released in empty areas within low quality woof.

“This is different from breeding system in feeder cow producers in advance countries, such as, the United States of America, Brazil, and Argentina where they have vast breeding areas,” he said.

Not only that the main problem in cow meat procurement in Indonesia is the available feeder cows. This will be efficient if it is extensively done by minimizing woof cost which is the biggest component in the business that reached 58% (SOUT 2017).

This is the reason why the government decided one breakthrough program for cow breeding business in the limited area situation, which is, palm oil – cow integrated program.

The reasons are palm oil plantations are about 16,38 million hectares in 26 provinces. They consist of smallholders, Enterprises, and private companies’ plantations. The potential areas could be 3,28 million hectares and could be advantaged to breed cows for about 1,64 million of mother cows. (T2)

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