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Regent of Labusel: Ready to Purchase Smallholders’ FFB if the Mills Reject

Regent of Labusel: Ready to Purchase Smallholders’ FFB if the Mills Reject

InfoSAWIT, KOTAPINANG – Regent of Labuhanbatu Selatan (Labusel), H. Edimin claimed the mills operating in the district purchase smallholders’ fresh fruit bunch (FFB) both from the independent and plasma ones.

“If any mentioned some mills do not purchase smallholders’ FFB, it is a lie,” he recently said to InfoSAWIT, Monday (4/7/2022). He even challenged anyone that mentioned if his mill rejected smallholders’ FFB.

“I do operate (palm oil) business. If it is proven that any mill rejects their FFB, please take theirs to mine (my mills). I still need tons of FFB every day,” Edimin said. He continued, what is happening is about to limit their production not rejecting theirs. It happens for the crude palm oil (CPO) storage tanks of the companies could still be full. Besides he thought, the people should understand if in FFB purchase, the mills should prioritize their production from the plasma smallholders that the companies develop.

“Independent smallholders’ production is purchased still but be patient. The priority is from the plasma ones. About the price, of course, the plasma got more expensive than the independent smallholders,” Edimin mentioned. He also confirmed, every mill in Labusel obeys the regulations published by the central government. He confirmed, their production is purchased but in some condition the mills should limit to purchase it. (T5)