1.379 Alumni of Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE Agreed to Establish IKA Tradisi

1.379 Alumni of Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE Agreed to Establish IKA Tradisi

InfoSAWIT, BEKASI – One university that focuses on palm oil, Politeknik Kelapa Sawit Citra Widya Edukasi (Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE) has succeeded to graduate reliable human resources in palm oil plantation sector for about 16 years.

Within its motto - tangga, tanggon dan trengginas, the graduate of Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE should fulfill and develop palm oil plantations, which according to Ministry of Agriculture, the canopy laid about 16,38 million hectares (ha).

Until now Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE graduated 1.379 students from three study programs, they are, D3-Budidaya Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit, D3-Teknologi Pengolahan Hasil Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit, and D3-Manajemen Logistik.

Chairman of IKA Tradisi, Gema Aliza Putra said, IKA Tradisi which is established would implement some programs to do, such as, completing the documents to get official legal institution, developing media of information from IKA Tradisi (Website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), and perfecting the statutes and bylaws.

Gema also mentioned, IKA Tradisi would do series of activity, such as, webinars, social activity, seminar, alumni gathering, focus group discussion, and others. “Particularly to program committee and alumni development,” he said in the inauguration of IKA Tradisi, Sunday, which was done online.

Director of Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE, Nugroho Kristono said, the establishment of Ikatan Alumni is a need because the roles of the alumni for one university could be very important. Besides being the connectors of information between the alumni and alma mater, they could have the same efforts to inform technology, namely in palm oil plantation sectors.

“Where the alumni are, they could take parts from their work to bridge the industrial world with the campus as their alma mater,” Nugroho said in his speech. Technology information development in palm oil industries is dynamic and can be informed to the students which still study in Poltek Kelapa Sawit CWE.

This could be the ways to escalate the students’ competency. He continued, based on 2045 palm oil vision, palm oil plantations would be the sources of food and energy which are environmental. (T2)