Palm Oil is not Complicated to Export

Doc. Special/Ilustration of palm oil exsport
Palm Oil is not Complicated to Export

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - CEO & Founder, Choirul Amin thought, palm oil is not complicated commodity to export. The most important thing is the exporters should prepare some general things needed in the export process.

"Like preparing Certificate of Analysis (COA), getting to the laboratory to check out the product, proposing and fulfilling the exports condition delivered by Ministry of Trade,” he said in a seminar, Wednesday (29/6/2022) in Jakarta.

He also mentioned, it is very possible for the exporters to export it because the conditions of export are not too complex, not like other commodities. The millennial exporters are needed to help the smallholders to sell their products to other countries.

Amin also told, when starting export business, it needs efforts about legal documents and others to get. But when having legal export for fulfilling the conditions, it would be only about promoting to get the next exports.

Meanwhile the owner of Creabrush Indonesia, Febri Yunarta said, the business he is in is processing the materials of stick, empty bunches which are processed to be products, such as, arts, bags, sandals, book covers, and tissue boxes.

He told the marketing of his products is by digital platform. The products have been promoted to China and many other exhibitions in abroad.

“The world population has their interest about palm oil export potential from Indonesia and it is promising. This happens for other countries are using and promoting eco-friendly products,” Febri said. (T5)