IPOA Babel to Solve Palm Oil Issues

IPOA Babel to Solve Palm Oil Issues

InfoSAWIT, PANGKALPINANG - Dato Ramli is the Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) Bangka Belitung (Babel) Province and the Secretary is H Purnomo for the next five years.

Ramli and Purnomo were inaugurated by Chairman of IPOA, Joko Supriyono at Gedung Mahligai Kompleks Perumahan Dinas Gubernur Babel, Thursday (30/6/2022).

Dato Ramli told the stakeholders face many challenges in Babel. “Crude palm oil (CPO) export is our problem and there is only one company that can export it,” Dato Ramli said to InfoSAWIT by phone, Saturday (2/6/2022).

He thought, the process to get export permit is slow because there are lots of conditions that the government decided to obey by the stakeholders.

It means, the stakeholders cannot export. President Joko Widodo, he continued, should really realize and know it because he is the only one that can solve this issue.

“In Indonesia he that can solve palm oil issue, is only President Joko Widodo. It is better for the chairman of legislators in Indonesia namely where palm oil plantations grow should gather and meet President Joko Widodo,” he said.

The former journalist told President Joko Widodo suggested the smallholders to plant palm oil because they would get help in smallholders replanting program. After the smallholders are in harvest, Ramli continued, where would the smallholders sell their production? (T5)