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Joko Santoso Was Inaugurated to be the Chairman of IPS Central Kalimantan

Joko Santoso Was Inaugurated to be the Chairman of IPS Central Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Since it was established in 2018, the institution that gathers many planters in Indonesia - Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) keeps developing its organization which is legal based on Decision of Minister of Legal and Human Rights Indonesian Republic Number AHU-0007108.AH.01.07 Tahun 2018 and keeps developing.

By having more members, some branches also develop. For information until now, IPS has about 1.200 planters in many regions in Indonesia.

On Saturday (2/7/2022), IPS in Central Kalimantan was officially established by deciding Joko Santoso as the Chairman; Pandit Sapta Puja as the Vice Chairman, and Hatir Sata Tarigan as the Secretary.

Chairman of IPS, Jamalul said, the plantation is the pillar of development in this nation because from its geography, Indonesia is full of natural resources and they play strategic roles to provide food and energy, environmental conservation, or sources of life for most of the people of Indonesia.

That is why this is a moral responsibility as part of Indonesian people to strengthen the plantation, namely to escalate professionality, welfare of the planters, and guarantee the rights of people for food.

IPS has noble call to escalate its role to develop plantation sector in Indonesia as the power of plantation human resource in Indonesia within the base, the idealism spirit to take the plantation in better level, and the call to escalate the professionalism.

“Within the power of professionalism, IPS is hoped to be in synergy with other stakeholders to realize fair development and welfare the people,” he said in the inauguration of IPS Central Kalimantan and Meeting with IPS members, Saturday (2/7/2022) where InfoSAWIT joined.

Jamalul continued, by the establishment of IPS in Central Kalimantan, this could be one realization of IPS mission to unite the planters in one organization (institution) to escalate and take roles to develop the plantations in this country.

“This is the same with the goals of organization, which is to empower this nation as agrarian country which is sovereign and has dignity,” he said.

He believed, the new coordinators are the chosen ones, ready to work, could do their works, and maintain the good name of the institution. “That in your shoulders, hopes are hung to carry on and struggle for the planters’ ideas in Indonesia to be better, go forward, and more dignified,” Jamalul said.

IPS coordinators in Jakarta did join the online inauguration, such as, General Secretary of IPS, Ronald Marpaung, Chairmaen of IPOS in some regions, such as, Darus Salam and Gema Aliza, and other members. (T2)