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Purchasing Palm Cooking Oil is Not Difficult by using PeduliLindungi

Purchasing Palm Cooking Oil is Not Difficult by using PeduliLindungi

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the transition time to buy Minyak Goreng Curah Rakyat (MGCR) or bulk palm cooking oil, the buyer should show PeduliLindungi. This has been running since 27 June 2022 and would be available for the next two weeks.

Deputy of Transportation and Infrastructure Coordination in duty, Coordinator Ministry in Maritime and Investment, Rachmat Kaimuddin said, the government is maintating bulk palm cooking oil price for four sides, they are, for the people, the producers, the distributors, and the retailers by implementing the policy.

He said, this is not difficult but about to get the solution which the people always use – PeduliLindungi and while it runs, the government needs to control it.

“Bulk palm cooking oil supply is enough reaching 300.000 tons per month. The numbers are for the people, not to be piled up or smuggled,” Rachmat said, as in the official statement by the late of June 2022.

He continued, the government basically wanted to focus to provide the supply and the price affordability for the people. These are the reasons to use PeduliLindungi as the tool to purchase bulk palm cooking oil and the way to guarantee the procurement.

“We are against the globe. It gets more expensive but the government is figuring out that bulk palm cooking oil in this country should be for the people, they can buy it and it is available. Besides preparing the purchase procedure for the consumers, the government has scheme for the retailers that want to be registered in MGCR program through Sistem Informasi Minyak Goreng Curah (SIMIRAH) 2.0 or Pelaku Usaha Jasa Logistik dan Eceran (PUJLE)," Rachmat said.

The government facilitated the retailers who want to sell MGCR. It is hoped, by having the official retailers registered in SIMIRAH 2.0 or PUJLE, they can help the government and the people to fulfill bulk palm cooking oil needs in this country.

“We take the retailers to register in the program and they can get (buy) the good product and can be sold at Rp 14.000 per liter or Rp 15.500 per kg. It is like a gas station of bulk palm cooking oil to get right price and everything is regulated from the upstream to downstream sectors well,” he explained.

Since 27 June 2022 until today, the registered retailers in Ministry of Industry reached 34.900. while those which scanned QR Code PeduliLindungi that the buyers scanned reached 1.857 retailers or 5,3% of the total.

"Ministry of Industry accelerated that every retailer should be registered and print QR Code Peduli Lindungi. In SIMIRAH 2.0 we put filter of monitoring to know which retailer has not printed QR Code Peduli Lindungi," Director of Seafood and Fishery Food Industry, Emil Satria said.

The retailers that got QR Code PeduliLindungi can directly do transaction with the buyers based on the available regulation of price and limits to buy it. The buyers that have no PeduliLindungi application still can buy it by showing ID and the retailers should note the buyers’ ID and do daily recap. (T2)