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General Directorate of Plantation Would Get Palm Oil Seed DNA Test to implement SRP

General Directorate of Plantation Would Get Palm Oil Seed DNA Test to implement SRP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The low plantation productivity is the main issue that many smallholders face. They also have old plantations where illegal seeds were planted that caused fresh fruit bunch (FFB) produced less than what it supposed. That is why the government would get palm oil seed DNA test to implement smallholders’ replanting program (SRP).

It was revealed in webinar and live streaming “Dampak Positif Program PSR, Sarpras dan Pengembangan SDM Bagi Petani Sawit” the 7th series which plantation media and Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency did in Jakarta some time ago.

Director of Plantation Seeds, General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Saleh Mokhtar said, one challenge to face is the low productivity. The smallholders’ plantations could only produce 2 tons of FFB per hectare while the potential could be reaching 6 tons per hectare.

Saleh thought, it happens for many planted illegal palm oil seeds. This managed the directorate to get DNA test of the seeds which are sold.

The good seeds would determine and be important. Though the cost just covered 7 percent of palm oil plantation business, but the seeds determine. “The beginning of plantation activity is from the seeds,” Saleh said.

He continued, the good and certified seeds are the basic modal to succeed palm oil plantation itself. The misconduct of using or planting seeds would deliver losses during the economic age of the trees. The government would supervise the seeds distribution to protect the planters. “There should be one to guarantee that the seeds which are sold to the planters should be the good and certified ones,” he said.

The quality conditions of palm oil seeds have Indonesian National Standard with the number 8211:2015. In the supervision, Ministry of Agriculture would do some, such as, the quality of sprout to know the genetic quality, physiologic quality, physic quality, and morphology quality. The government would supervise the seeds distribution through SP3BKS which stands for surat permohonan permintaan penyediaan benih kelapa sawit. (T2)