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Andi Nur Alamsyah as General Director of Plantation: Should Solve Cheap FFB

Andi Nur Alamsyah as General Director of Plantation: Should Solve Cheap FFB

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – After Kasdi Subagyono was no longer as General Director of Plantation in Ministry of Agriculture, Ali Jamil should do two jobs, as General Director of Plantation and Head of Quarantine Agency in Ministry of Agriculture. But there is new one as General Director of Plantation.

He is Andi Nur Alamsyah. Years before, Andi started his career in Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Agriculture. He was the Head of Evaluation and Program in Research and Development Center of Plantation, Head of Agriculture Mechanism Development, and his latest position was Director of Agriculture Tools

In his inauguration, Friday (1/7/2022), Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo told Andi to immediately adapt and consolidate fast to mobilize every resource in the directorate to realize agricultural development target. He should advantage the information technology development to update the global.

Syahrul Yasin Limpo told, plantation is the strategic sector both in economy, ecology, and social. Plantation is source of commodity to export, exchange, revenue, both from levy and export citation.

“It increases the economy in many remote areas, border areas, it conquers the poverty, delivers renewable energy to minimize green-house gas emission, conserves natural resources through the conservation,” he said.

That is why the new leadership in General Directorate of Plantation should be able to adapt, mitigate by presenting the country in agriculture and the people, the nation could exist, get the glory, procure food, and the economy gets better.

“Nowadays issue is that FFB is very cheap but the government keeps working to get the best solution,” Syahrul said. (T2)