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Some FFB Gets More Expensive but in Limited Purchase

Foto: Adi Saputra/SawitFest 2021
Some FFB Gets More Expensive but in Limited Purchase

InfoSAWIT, PELELAWAN – In the past three weeks, fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price, produced by the smallholders in Sumatera namely in District of Pelalawan, Riau Province. gets better.

It is about Rp 50/kg to Rp 150/kg, from Rp 820 transported by colt diesel and Rp 920/kg for big trucks to be Rp 1.010/kg and Rp 1.110 per kg TBS.

"I am thankful but the difference is that we cannot sell it much to the mills. The mill management limited the purchase,” Ucok (49) said to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (30/6/2022).

The independent smallholder of Sub district of Ukui mentioned, in normal, he and his fellows sold to some suppliers or delivery order owners or by drop order (DO).

Then they supplied the FFB to the mills, including to one private palm oil company in national scale. But for the limits, the suppliers should limit FFB purchase from the smallholders.

“For instance, there are two mills belonging to the private groups. They limited to buy FFB from the third sides per day, only 250 tons per day,” he said. The numbers are divided into some groups, such as, from plasma smallholders, independent smallholders those who join in koperasi kredit primer anggota (KKPA), and from the suppliers that bought from the independent smallholders.

“Those who have DO from the mills are not only one. They selling should be divided and it is no question if the DO owners could only supply 10 tons or 50 tons of FFB the most,” Ucok said.

For the limits, the smallholders could not sell their production much. He continued, the smallholders could not really enjoy the better FFB price.

“If it gets better, the mandatory cut is zero percent but as smallholders we could not sell much. Where should we get to survive or nurse our plantation. The limits could be meant as, we could not harvest. If we do not harvest, our plantations could be bad,” Ucok complained. (T5)