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Supporting SRP, Ministry of AA/NLA: Target to Get Certified Every Plantation in 2024

Supporting SRP, Ministry of AA/NLA: Target to Get Certified Every Plantation in 2024

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Ministry of Agrarian Affairs/National Land Agency (AA/NLA) supports the realization of smallholders replanting program (SRP) according to memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) to the smallholders. But until 2022, there are lots of issues and challenges to solve.

“We want to accelerate palm oil plantations of the SRP participants to get legality and there would be no conflict in the future. In 2024, it is hoped, the smallholders’ plantations that implement SRP would be certified,” General Director of Land Registration and Right Establishment, Ministry AA/NLA, Suyus Windayana said in a webinar of “Dampak Program PSR Sarpras dan Pengembangan SDM Bagi Petani Sawit” in Jakarta.

The MoU covered the land registration for SRP participants, deal with participants’ plantation issues, and data/information exchange. PFMA would inform the participants in calon penerima calon lahan (CPCL); Ministry AA/NLA get the access to online SRP application.

PFMA coordinates with the related instance to develop the preparation and realization of land (plantation) registration; AA/NLA would serve the registration by conducting PSTL (Pendaftaran Sistematika Tanah Lengkap) mechanism.

Every budget would be from Ministry AA/NLA by conducting refocusing because there is no budget from PFMA.

“It is not ease to implement it in the field. PFMA has data but has no team in the regions. The surveyor officers or data collectors in land agencies in many district are difficult to coordinate with plantation agency in the districts,” Suyus said.

From the total 62.422 spot proposal, only 16.943 spots (27%) get the budget. The rests would be running by optimizing non-systematic budget.

In 2021 from the target - 5.560 spot proposal that PFMA managed, only 1.961 spots were clean and clear and the coordinates were not in forest regions. The land certification covered 2.053 spots or 37% of the targets.

There had been seven regional offices that realized 100% target, they were Lampung, West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, and Riau. North Sulawesi 48%, Aceh 43%, Jambi 15%, and North Sumatera 11%. West Sulawesi, Banten, Bengkulu, West Sumatera, and South Sumatera had no realization because there was no CPCL which was clear and clean because theirs could be in forest regions or got certificates.

He hoped, the certification process can be fast to realize and there would be additional budget from PFMA. Ministry AA/NLA supports to realize SRP which the instance would publish certificates.

To realize the certification acceleration, it needs coordination among the land offices in province/district/city with plantation agency. Every data in PFMA should be coordinated with land agency in the districts. Plantation agency should verify CPCL to get the objects in SRP which has no area certificate still or the areas outside of forest regions. Only West Kalimantan Province which CPCL ID is the same and registered in online SRP application. (T2)