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To Satirize the Government for Cheap FFB by Using Palm Oil Coin

To Satirize the Government for Cheap FFB by Using Palm Oil Coin

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in many palm oil plantation regions in Indonesia keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. Until now in some regions, it gets cheaper to be less than Rp 1.000 per kilogram (kg).

The smallholders are hopeless. They have nothing to say namely for the government seemed to make crude palm oil and its derivative exports difficult. In fact, crude palm oil (CPO) in other countries is expensive still.

Though they might be hopeless, it does not mean, they remain still. They fight for the government by their own ways.

The smallholders got ideas to picture satyrs or meme to the government. One latest meme which was forwarded in the smallholders themselves through Whatsapp groups is a thousand rupiah – coin within the picture of ‘a palm oil tree’. In the coin, the smallholders added some satyr words.

"Baru mengerti sekarang makna sawit di uang 1.000 logam ini," these are the words in the meme and many smallholders responded it.

Some wrote ‘laugh emotion’, some compared with President Soeharto era and nowadays era. It seemed, Rp 1.000 - coin meme could be the fun to wreak their worries.

For information, Indonesian Bank claimed, the real name of Rp 1.000 – coin was "Uang Logam Bank Indonesia Emisi 1993". The coin was launched for the first time on 8 March 1993. There is no official retraction by Indonesia Bank from the society.

In its physical appearance, it was circle within 8,60 grams in weigh and 2,40 mm in thickness. The outside diameter reaches 26 mm and inner diameter reaches 18 mm. (T5)