Palm Oil Plantation of PTPN IV Kebun Timur Could Escalate the Economy in Two Regions

Palm Oil Plantation of PTPN IV Kebun Timur Could Escalate the Economy in Two Regions

InfoSAWIT, PASAMAN BARAT - PTPN IV is one company of Enterprises where the headquarter is in Medan. It has palm oil plantations in North Sumatera, including in District of Mandailing Natal (Madina).

One palm oil plantation in the district would deliver economic flows for two regions, they are, District of Madina and District of Pasaman Barat (Pasbar) in West Sumatera Province.

Governor of West Sumatera, Mahyeldi Ansharullah told that when having work visit to two locations, they were, Teluk Tapang Port in Sub district of Air Bangis, and to PTPN IV Kebun Timur, Madina in the border of West Sumatera and North Sumatera.

Governor Mahyeldi Ansharullah was with Vice Regent of Pasbar, Risnawanto. Mahyeldi told, Kebun Timur of PTPN IV would deliver the positive to both sides.

He continued, the access of Teluk Tapang Port would ease to distribute plantation and mining results in Pasbar, and ease economic distribution in southern North Sumatera.

“We would see how Teluk Tapang Port would distribute or export iron ore. We also saw the ships transporting CPO from many companies. In 2024, the way construction would be always running. It would be about 45 kilometers (km) and the construction has reached 20 km. the rests would be 25 km,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Pasbar, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

He convinced many sides if the construction keeps going on until 2024 and Teluk Tapang Port would be the strategic port in West Sumatera namely in District of Pasbar.

Vice Regent of Pasbar, Risnawanto said, his side is doing the best to continue the construction as the access to the port, including the supporting infrastructures. Pasbar would involve many agencies, such as, public work and people’s housing agency, regional development plan agency, and transportation agency in Pasbar to coordinate and help the construction.

He hoped the synergy among many agencies, West Sumatera Province, and central government would be running well to realize the development in the district.

The issue in the construction between Madina and Pasbar, according to Risnawanto, is the access from Kebun Timur of PTPN IV in Madina is difficult. The Governor of West Sumatera experienced it himself when visiting Kebun Timur.

The goal of the visit is about to get cooperation of way construction through Teluk Tapang Port to PTPN IV. The way from Teluk Tapang Port to Bunga Tanjung would be in tender and it is predicted to be finished in the next two years. (T5)