Demonstration about Palm Oil Area Border, Tens of Villagers Got Hurt

Foto by Dea Kinanti_Sawitfest 2021/ilustration of plantation
Demonstration about Palm Oil Area Border, Tens of Villagers Got Hurt

InfoSAWIT, KAMPAR – Tens villagers of Terantang, District of Kampar, Riau Province got hurt because of demonstration with the plantation security of Koperasi Iyo Basamo, Sunday (19/6/2022) evening. Many villagers were thrown by rocks and knives and should be taken to the nearest hospital.

It happened when the villagers came to the plantations of Koperasi Iyo Basamo in Village of Terantang. In front of the gate of the cooperation, the villagers were blocked by security guards who got knives and bats.

Not long after that, both sides were pushing one to another and chaos happened. The villagers and security guards threw rocks.

As quoted from Riau online, in the demonstration and chaos, tens of villagers, such as, children and female got hurt because of rocks and hit by bats, and had to be taken to the nearest hospital.

The chaos was triggered by palm oil plantation issues that Koperasi Iyo Basomo cultivated. The villagers urged the coordinators of the cooperation which the Chairman is Hermayalis should return the villagers’ rights that won the appeal case in the Court of Pekanbaru.

The former head of Village of Terantang, Asmara Dewi mentioned, the chaos took place at about 15.30 WIB around the villagers’ areas. He said, the victims were mostly female and children.

“The attacks were brutally happening this Sunday. The actors could be about 100 men. They brought samurai, knife, coal, and threw our villagers. Some took bats,” Asmara Dewi said, as quoted from Riau Pos.

Dewi also mentioned, the attack was series of palm oil plantation mastery by the old coordinators of the cooperation. The villagers thought, the villagers won the appeal case and the sentence was that the plantations belong to the villagers. (T2)