Soaduon Sitorus: The Government Always Published Policies that Deliver Losses for Independent Smallholders

Foto by Fahzian Aldevan/SawitFest 2021
Soaduon Sitorus: The Government Always Published Policies that Deliver Losses for Independent Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Soaduon sitorus (47), one smallholder that has palm oil plantations in Riau Province, sent open letter for President Joko Widodo about what the smallholders faced in Indonesia because of what the government published in past few months.

His open letter went viral in social media, including, in WhatsApp (WA). To InfoSAWIT, Saturday (18/6/2022), the man who graduated from Forest and MSi titles is responsible on his open letter.

“I also wrote my phone number down. Every risk from the letter is on my responsibility,” he said to InfoSAWIT through phone.

He thought, the government should not publish policies which in the end, would press the independent smallholders. He said, tax and non-tax by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) which independent smallholders should not burden.

Sitorus continued, the citation (tax) should be from stakeholders who cultivate Business Rights. The country should calculate how much palm cooking oil needs other derivative products in national scale.

In the same time or after that PFMA should calculate the citation that stakeholders should pay. Every rupiah should depend on the stakeholders’ production.

He believed, the upstream to downstream sectors in palm oil industries would have no burden of payment to the country besides export tax (levy) and out fee.

The scenario, he continued, would not disrupt market mechanism. Every stakeholder in palm oil both that master upstream to downstream and the upstream or downstream sector only, would pay his obligation to the country regularly and would do exports as regular.

“It means, the independent smallholders have no burden and the stakeholders can do their business – if they want to export or sell their downstream products, it is up to them,” he said.

What the government did for all these days, he continued, raised chaos. The ways that the government published in palm cooking oil issues make chaotic in upstream sector and the smallholders get pressed eventually.

“It seemed the government claimed, I do not want to know where your fresh fruit bunch is from. But if you want to export, you must do these. This put the market came to an end,” he said.

He believed, if the government wants to substitute the policies, it would enliven the market mechanism and make the government run its authority. (T5)