To Support Palm Oil Industries, IPS Would be in Synergy with PFMA

To Support Palm Oil Industries, IPS Would be in Synergy with PFMA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the late days, palm oil industries faced many issues in national scale, such as the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price which never gets better as it was, but gets worse after crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative products export ban was revoked.

To discuss such issues, the association which many planters gather, including in palm oil sector, which is Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) had the moment to meet and share information with Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) on Thursday (16/6/2022).

In the moment, the coordinators which was legally registered based on Decision of Minister of Law and Human Resources Number AHU-0007108.AH.01. / 2018 about Ratification of Legal Entity INDONESIAN PLANTERS SOCIETY (IPS), were represented by Chairman of IPS, Jamalul; General Secretary of IPS, Ronald Marpaung; Chairman of Central Coordinators, Darus Salam and Gema. They were directly meeting with Director of PFMA, Eddy Abdurachman; Director of Plan and Management, Kabul Wijayanto; and Director of Fundraising, Sunari.

Jamalul mentioned, IPS now has many programs to support palm oil industries nationally, such as, conducting positive campaigns that would be in the form of seminar, talk show, workshop, youtube, and palm oi positive news.

“IPS would deliver technical development in smallholders replanting program, namely in the best agricultural practices, profession certificate and develop palm oil micro, medium, and small businesses (MMSB),” Jamalul said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Eddy Abdurachman said, what IPS delivered in their programs is the same with the programs in PFMA. GOOD promotion in palm oil should keep running so that palm oil could be accepted in many countries because it has something to do with vegetable oil business, namely sunflower and soyoil.

“In MMSB, PFMA really supports because many have been doing, such as, palm oil batik, palm oil food, and should involve many instances,” Eddy said.

Director of Plan and Management PFMA, who is also as Director of Partnership, Kabul really supports the programs in IPS, namely partnership and GOOD promotion of palm oil, namely to increase the plantation productivity.

About what happens now in palm oil industries, by having flush out, it is hoped to accelerate crude palm oil (CPO) exports and the CPO storage tanks in the mills would be empty again.

The chairmen of IPS came to a conclusion that the programs should be supported by delivering special development about technical replanting and best management practices/good agricultural practices, and the planting of superior (certified) seeds.

If the replanting runs well, starting from the cut, dig, cover the hole, chip, grass on the land, the tree performance and superior seeds would influence the production,” Darus salam and Marpaung, said. (T2)