Minister Zulhas Delivered Gift in the Form of Umroh for Palm Cooking Oil Seller

Minister Zulhas Delivered Gift in the Form of Umroh for Palm Cooking Oil Seller

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - When he did work as Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan (Zulhas) directly monitored price commodity. Pasar Cibubur in East Jakarta Timur, was the first market he saw, Thursday (16/6/2022).

After talking to some daily food sellers about palm cooking oil, Minister Zulhas delivered gift for a couple (husband and wife) who sold daily food and palm cooking oil - Warman and Eli Nurliah, to get umroh. They both dropped their tears down and felt happy.

“We are very grateful. Thank you Minister Zulhas for noticing us, the sellers,” Eli said.

In Pasar Cibubur bulk palm cooking oil is regularly supply within selling price in the end consumers at Rp 14.000/liter. Premium packaged palm cooking oil is sold at Rp 24.000/liter. Sugar is Rp 14.000/kg, packaged flour is Rp 12.000/kg, egg is Rp 29.000/kg, hen meat is Rp 40.000/kg, cow meat is Rp 140.000/kg, curly chili is Rp 90.000/kg, big cayenne pepper is Rp 90.000/kg, cayenne pepper is Rp 110.000/kg, onion is Rp 60.000/kg, honan garlic is Rp 30.000/kg, kating garlic is Rp 42.000/kg.

For information, Zulhas was inaugurated as Minister of Trade on Wednesday (15/6), substituted Muhammad Lutfi. Just like President Joko Widodo hoped, Minister Zulhas should focus to deal with the domestic trade.

President Joko Widodo believed, Minister Zulhas would solve the issues, such as, the supply chain, and expensive price of daily needs, including palm cooking oil.

President Joko Widodo thought, Minister Zulhas is full of experience and long track record and also would be good to be in his title. Food issues would need field experiences and field work to know what the main issues were that relates to the people’s needs. This would be the main thing for the people. (T2)