Economist: Minister Zulhas Should Redeem Palm Cooking Oil Price at HRP

Economist: Minister Zulhas Should Redeem Palm Cooking Oil Price at HRP

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN - Zulkifli Hasan (Zulhas) is officially two days as Minister of Trade. Every issue about food price and availability, including palm cooking oil would be the big agenda for him.

Economist of Medan, North Sumatera Province, Gunawan Benjamin told, the roles of Minister Zulhas would be seen after two weeks if he could redeem palm cooking oil and other food prices. Until now palm cooking oil price is not the same with the highest retail price as what the government decided.

“We should wait in the next two weeks how he could redeem food and palm cooking oil prices,” Benjamin said to InfoSAWIT, Friday (17/6/2022) noon.

He also mentioned, palm cooking oil issue would be the first test for Zulhas. Palm cooking oil policy does not change by domestic market obligation and domestic price obligation (DMO-DPO).

"The most important thing is the policy should be really implemented in the field. The benchmark is palm cooking oil which should be at HRP,” he said.

He knew, Minister Zulhas would be difficult to formulate the best policy to redeem the increasing price, and palm cooking oil as well. “There are many problems that make me doubtful that every issue would come to a solution in this very short,” he said.

Benjamin continued, many countries in the world face the food availability, food prices, agricultural, energy issues, and decreasing currency, including rupiah. Besides, like Indonesia, many food producers ban exports, such as, India that bans wheat exports.

He believed, Minister Zulhas has no many options to solve many issues in food price and availability including palm cooking oil. (T5)