On the Track, Minister Zulhas Would Publish Policy to Control Palm Cooking Oil

On the Track, Minister Zulhas Would Publish Policy to Control Palm Cooking Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In his first duty, Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan (Zulhas) is on the run to monitor Pasar Cibubur in East Jakarta Timur, Thursday (16/6/2022). Seeing, hearing the stock of food and complaint of the sellers and buyers, Minister Zulhas would formulate some strategies about food issues nationally by delivering fair principles to make the traders and the buyers happy. He was with Vice Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga and General Secretary of Ministry of Trade, Suhanto.

“In the previous meeting, this (visit to the markets) was important. I directly heard, saw what the sellers and buyers complained. We have to immediately control daily food prices and get the solutions. Have a pity on the people,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Minister Zulhas also emphasized that Ministry of Trade would be a fair regulator by delivering fair principles to know the details of the problems. “Ministry of Trade should be the front guard to regulate fair principles in the trade system. The regulation should be fair. The sellers and traders should be honest, balance, and deliver the good to one to another. Both sides would be happy. Do not pile, postpone, and others,” he said.

Fair principles, he continued, should be the priority. It would be for the people’s welfare. “We should start from these. I want that both sides are happy, deliver good one to another. This is a blessing,” he said.

About palm cooking oil, he would publish regulation to be sold in simple pack and the price should be controlled at Rp 14.000/liter.

He also heard the complaints from egg and meat seller, Eti that said, daily need prices keep increasing. These make her difficult to sell and get profits. “They were expensive before I bought. I have to get few profits. If the foods are expensive, no one would buy. Everything is difficult, not only the buyers but the sellers are too about the price, Sir,” Eti said.

In Pasar Cibubur, bulk palm cooking oil is regularly supplied to the end consumers at Rp 14.000/liter. Premium packaged palm cooking oil is sold at Rp 24.000/liter. Sugar is Rp 14.000/kg, packaged flour is Rp 12.000/kg, egg is Rp 29.000/kg, hen meat is Rp 40.000/kg, cow meat Rp 140.000/kg, curly red chili is Rp 90.000/kg, big red chili is Rp 90.000/kg, cayenne pepper is Rp 110.000/kg, onion is Rp 60.000/kg, honan garlic is Rp 30.000/kg, and kating garlic is Rp 42.000/kg. (T2)