Palm Cooking Oil Issues Wait for Zulkifli Hasan

Palm Cooking Oil Issues Wait for Zulkifli Hasan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm cooking oil issues which may have no end, make Minister of Trade, Muhamad Lutfi as the ‘top of discussion’ by the public and politicians in Indonesian Legislators. Many urged to substitute him.

President Joko Widodo himself heard it. Muhamad Lutfi was revoked as Minister of Trade. Jerry Sambuaga as Vice Minister of Trade has no issue in the substitution.

Out of nowhere, Lutfi is substituted by Zulkifli Hasan, the Chairman of Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) and as the Vice Chairman of Indonesian Representatives.

According to the official page of Ministry of Cabinet Secretary, President Joko Widodo officially inaugurated Bang Zul, the nick name of Zulkifli Hasan in Istana Negara, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/06/2022).

Besides Bang Zul, President Joko Widodo also inaugurated the former Army Commander Hadi Tjahjanto as Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/National Land Agency who substitute the former minister, Sofyan Djalil.

There were three vice ministers in the inauguration, such as, John Wempi Wetipo as Vice Minister of Internal Affairs (which was the Vice Minister of Public Work and People’s Housing), Afriansyah Noor as Vice Minister of Labor (General Secretary of Partai Bulan Bintang), and Raja Juli Antoni as Vice Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/National Land Agency (General Secretary of Partai Solidaritas Indonesia/PSI).


Work in Palm Cooking Oil and Bang Zul’s Profile

As the new Minister of Trade, Zulkfili Hasan would deal with unsolved palm cooking oil issues by Muhammad Lutfi, such as, stable supply and stable price both in bulk, simple and premium package.

Some claimed, palm cooking oil material is more than enough but the production, price, and distribution are the problems.

Bulk palm cooking oil price gets cheaper. Ministry of Trade claimed, bulk palm cooking oil price decreased about 4,05 percent on 6 June 2022 compared to a day before crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative export ban took place (27 April 2022) or from Rp 17.300/liter to be Rp 16.600/liter.

Unfortunately, it is more than the highest retail price (HRP) that the government decided, which should be Rp 14.000 per liter and Rp 15.500 per kilogram. 

In the era of Muhammad Lutfi, there were many regulations published to solve palm cooking oil issues but they never had solution to be back on HRP.

No one knows if Bang Zul could solve it or not. We are waiting if Bang Zul would deliver solution or what President Joko Widodo did (by inaugurating him) is only political compromise.

One thing for sure, the public still really remember when Bang Zul was as the Minister of Environment and Forestry in the era of the former President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY).

Prior as quoted from CNN Indonesia, Friday (14/2/2020), Bang Zul as the former Minister of Environment and Forestry in 2009 - 2014 should be taken to the office of Corruption Eradication Commission to be investigated as the witness about bribe cases in the relation with forest conversion revision proposal to be palm oil plantations in Riau Province in 2014. (T5)