Warning: Mills in Tebo Would Not Purchase Smallholders’ FFB

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Warning: Mills in Tebo Would Not Purchase Smallholders’ FFB

InfoSAWIT, TEBO - Heri (40) the independent smallholder in Sub district of Sumay, District of Tebo, Jambi Province had nothing to say.

On Tuesday (14/6/2022) he felt sorry for reading the announcement on a wall of a private – national level mill which operates in the sub district.

“The mill announced that it would not purchase fresh fruit bunch (FFB) from the third sides both the independent and plasma smallholders which the mill itself develops,” Heri said to InfoSAWIT.

What he concerns is that in the announcement, there is no limit time. “Of course, I think of my plasma fellows which the mill develops,” he said.

Head of Plantation, Fishery, and Livestock Agency, District of Tebo, H. Casdari that InfoSAWIT confirmed, Wednesday (15/6/2022) morning did not deny that there is a mill that would not buy smallholders’ FFB.

He even mentioned, eight mills that have crude palm oil (CPO) storage tanks would not purchase the smallholders’ FFB.

“There are eight mills that have CPO storage tanks in Tebo. One is a local level but the rests are in national level and would potentially not purchase the smallholders’ FFB,” he said.

Casdari mentioned, this happens for the mills could not do anything or export their CPO though the government re-opened CPO and its derivative export activity. (T5)