IPOA North Sumatera and Aceh Still Study the New CPO OF and Levy

IPOA North Sumatera and Aceh Still Study the New CPO OF and Levy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) substitute the crude palm oil (CPO) export tariff.

Based on the information that InfoSAWIT got, Tuesday (14/6/2022), the numbers of levy, according to Regulation of Minister of Finance (RMF) Number 23/2022 got increasing to be US$ 375/ton, but on Monday (13/6/2022) the government re-published the latest CPO Levy within the highest numbers at US$ 200/ton, according to RMF Number 103/PMK.05/2022.

From what InfoSAWIT got, CPO levy is at US$ 200/ton the highest but would be available until July 31st, 2022, while per August 2022 the levy would be US$ 240/ton.

Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) of North Sumatera, Alex Maha when being called by InfoSAWIT, said, it takes time to study every regulation.

He thought, the coordinators in IPOA North Sumatera still discuss it. “We have to study every regulation carefully. Many ministries are involved in palm oil and palm cooking oil. That is why we have no much to say because it takes time to know everything,” Maha said.

Chairman of IPOA Aceh, Sabri Barsyah said the same thing. He and his fellows would take time to discuss every regulation. (T5)