Palm Cooking Oil Distribution Uses Application: Minister Lutfi Confirmed The Program is Right on Target

Palm Cooking Oil Distribution Uses Application: Minister Lutfi Confirmed The Program is Right on Target

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi directly saw the implementation of Minyak Goreng Curah Rakyat (MGCR) Program in closed loop system which Pelaku Usaha Jasa Logistik dan Eceran (PUJLE) implements by application. At the moment, Minister Lutfi saw it in Pasar Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten Province, Wednesday (8/6).

“By the digital technology application, the government confirmed, bulk palm cooking oil distribution is well controlled. The consumers would show their ID to buy maximally 2 liters of bulk palm cooking oil per day. This is about to know that the program is right on target,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also mentioned, there are about 17 thousand traditional markets in Indonesia. it means, by having 10 thousand spots of closed loop distribution, it reaches 65 percent of the markets.

“When the population is crowded, the consumers should be able to buy bulk palm cooking oil based on the highest retail price (HRP) within about 2 to 5 kilometers. The distribution is monitored by digital technology so that the people who need bulk palm cooking oil could buy it in economic price,” he said.

He did check the prices of daily needs. Most of them get cheaper than those when Idul Fitri, except the horticultural products.

“The expensive horticultural products, namely chili, happens for the highly intensive rain in some regions. It is hoped to be immediately cheaper as the harvest that could happen in few weeks to go. The government makes sure that daily needs would always be available and the people could buy them in economic price,” he said.

Prior he also saw the program at Pasar Kampung Ambon, East Jakarta, Tuesday (7/6). He saw the supply and price from MGCR in closed loop system by PUJLE.

One palm cooking oil seller at Pasar Ciputat, Wati Ana told, the program is useful for the sellers in the market. She thought, bulk palm cooking oil where she sells is aways available and the consumers could buy it.

One bulk palm cooking oil consumer at Pasar Ciputat, Dede Rohman told, the program really helps micro, small, and medium businesses. He thought, the economic price of bulk palm cooking oil could minimize production cost and the budget could be diverted to other needs by hoping that the program would always run. (T2)