Governor of North Sumatera and Mayor of Medan: Would Develop Red Palm Cooking Oil Mill

Governor of North Sumatera and Mayor of Medan: Would Develop Red Palm Cooking Oil Mill

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN - Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) Medan invented the technology to produce red palm cooking oil. This is the very good thing for Minister of Cooperation Small and Medium Business, Teten Masduki to know. Governor of North Sumatera, Edy Rahmayadi; and Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution are blown away by the invention.

After seeing the red palm cooking oil production in PPKS Medan on Jalan Bridjen Katamso, Thursday (9/6/2022), Nasution thought, it would have something to do with the development progress in Medan.

He thought, besides increasing the economy for the micro, small, and medium businesses, red palm cooking oil which is full of nutrition could be the solution to deal with stunting that made babies slow to develop.

He also mentioned, Medan really concerns about stunting issues to deal with. He hoped, the innovation by PPKS Medan would be useful to solve stunting issues in the capital city of North Sumatera province.

He did appreciate and thank PPKS Medan for the innovation about red palm cooking oil.

“Of course, this would be useful for the people because we are focusing to deal with stunting,” he said after seeing the process, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (10/6/2022).

Governor Rahmayadi also hoped the technology and red palm cooking oil should be immediately developed.

He is interested because PPKS Medan can innovate in simple production tools to produce red palm cooking oil that many cooperation, groups, or micro, small, and medium business could use. It means, the smallholders would not depend on big mills.

“When seeing the simple tools, I really want it. We would discuss and plan. But not for long time. It has to be as soon as possible. Palm cooking oil is expensive, is not it?” he said.

He also thought, it needs good, strong cooperation among stakeholders, cooperation, and small and medium businesses by hoping that the red palm cooking oil would escalate smallholders’ exchange rate and the people’s nutrition.

“What PPKS Medan explained, red palm cooking oil is much cheaper, has better nutrition. If we could immediately implement (construct) it, we would be better and our people would be healthier,” Governor Edy said. (T5)