FFB in Fluctuation; The Middlemen Carefully Bought

Doc. InfoSAWIT
FFB in Fluctuation; The Middlemen Carefully Bought

InfoSAWIT, PANGKAL PINANG – The middlemen in Bangka Belitung (Babel) Province carefully bough the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) produced by the independent smallholders.

“It could happen that FFB could be much cheaper (than it is now). In the morning, it was Rp 2.000 per kilogram but in the evening, it would be cheaper,” Nasrun Ali, a smallholder and also middleman in Babel recently said to InfoSAWIT.

Some loading ramp owners and other middlemen suggested it to him. One coordinator of Sawitku Masa Depanku (SAMADE) Babel Province told, loading ramp owners got the impact of FFB fluctuation when selling it to the mills.

“FFB price in the mills could change or they are not operating because their CPO storages are full. Eventually this would make FFB price from the third side even cheaper. The FFB selling supply chain gets the impacts,” the 47 year - old man said.

He told, if FFB in the loading ramp in Babel is Rp 2000 per kg in average, he and other middlemen have to buy about Rp 1.600 or Rp 1.700 per kg from the smallholders.

He thought, the price gap about Rp 300 to Rp 400 per kg would not cover the transportation cost only but also be the guarantee if FFB price in the loading ramp gets cheaper or less than Rp 2.000 per kg.

He himself complained about this condition and questioned why FFB price gets much cheaper drastically but if it gets increasing, it slowly increases,” Ali said. (T5)