Governor of West Sumatera: Encourage The Economic Progress by Palm Oil Commodity in Pasbar

Governor of West Sumatera: Encourage The Economic Progress by Palm Oil Commodity in Pasbar

InfoSAWIT, PASAMAN BARAT – Governor of West Sumatera, Buya Mahyeldi Ansyarullah encouraged to get economic development in Pasaman Barat (Pasbar). He mentioned that when attending HBH IKPB Jaya (Ikatan Keluarga Pasaman Barat) with the theme "Membangun sinergitas seluruh potensi ranah dan rantau mewujudkan Pasbar yang lebih maju dan beradab" in the hall of Pusdiklat Jakarta, Saturday (11/6/2022).

For Pasbar is fertile, he encouraged to develop the economy in plantation sectors, namely palm oil. He also mentioned, Pasbar is one famous region within its palm oil commodity.

“I hope, ikatan nagari would be stronger. Insyaallah from the provincial government of West Sumatera on 26 February 2021 I inaugurated the regent. At the moment, we did discussion. What I told him was how we together could be in synergy to face Covid-19 pandemic,” Mahyeldi said in his speech, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He thought, when the district and nigari are good, the province is too. When the inauguration, there were regents taking their regional officers to meet the provincial agencies, Buya said to confirm synergizing the available potential.

“We hope everyone would support. Insyaallah Pasbar now connects with North Sumatera Province which would lead to Teluk Tapang for it is developing now,” he said.

The target is that in 2022-2024 the way for about 239 km would be constructed to Teluk Tapang. He hoped every stakeholder, and nomad would support to immediately open the way to Teluk Tapang.

He continued, Air Bangis would be the new regional center where West Sumatera Province would maximize the borders, such as in Pasbar.

“We would develop it maximally and the regulation about profit sharing in palm oil sector would be published. Pasbar would get a lot,” Mahyeldi mentioned.

He claimed to struggle for palm oil profit sharing regulation in Pasbar until it is officially inaugurated by Indonesian Legislators.

“Automatically Air Bangis would be the place to develop and would be better, Insyaallah,” he hoped.

He continued, Teluk Tapang now export iron ore and automatically this would be useful for the people of Pasbar.

“We do care about the borders but they got less attention. I beg your support for the strategic region. When President Joko Widodo asked for every governor to take water and soil, I did bring them from Pasbar,” Mahyeldi praised. (T2)