Ombudsman Would Investigate Palm Cooking Oil Price Stability for the HRP Failure

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Ombudsman Would Investigate Palm Cooking Oil Price Stability for the HRP Failure

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Ombudsman Indonesian Republic fascinated to palm cooking oil procurement and price since the past few months. The latest is that the institution is investigating palm cooking oil price stability.

Member of Ombudsman, Yeka Hendra Fatika said, the will to investigate the case raised when Ombudsman became an online panelist in Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club (JFCC) Panel Discussion on Palm Oil, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

Yeka thought, by the late of March 2022 Ombudsman escalated the monitoring status to be palm cooking oil price stability and procurement investigation because the highest retail price (FRP) was a failure to bulk palm cooking oil.

“It may happen that the (bulk palm cooking oil) price would be more expensive than it is now because HRP is not happening in the markets,” Yeka said. Now Ombudsman is studying the case namely about Ministry of Trade running its functions to control palm cooking oil procurement and price.

“It is possibly late to intervene and the regulation published was not good. Did they have early warning system about price leap? Were the data reliable when publishing a policy? What did the government plan to monitor the policy?” he questioned.

He also mentioned, palm cooking oil is the people’s daily needs produced by the industries and regulated by the Government’s Regulation Number 59 / 2020 about Determination and Storage of Basic Needs and Important Items.

It needs the government’s intervention to procure palm cooking oil in economic price, need the good plans, accurate data, and monitoring system which can be reliable in every line of supply chain.

“The government’s intervention should be fair and thinking of consumers’ aspects. It needs to think of the smallholders’ protection,” Yeka said. (T5)