Pekasawitnas Urged KPPU to Investigate Two Palm Cooking Oil Companies in Asahan

Pekasawitnas Urged KPPU to Investigate Two Palm Cooking Oil Companies in Asahan

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – Price and procurement issues which raised some time ago triggered some independent smallholders’ interests joining in Petani Kecil Kelapa Sawit Nasional (Pekasawitnas).

Through some media, Pekasawitnas carefully followed the investigation of palm cooking oil issue that Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) did, including the taking of some palm cooking oil factories some time ago.

“We are confused. Why are not two palm cooking oil companies in District of Asahan taken to investigation and never questioned by KPPU,” Indra Mingka, General Secretary of Pekasawitnas said to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

The two companies are PT Jampalan Baru and PT Sintong Abadi. He said, Pekasawitnas thought, the two should be investigated because they are parts of the government’s policies that got domestic market obligation (DMO) and domestic price obligation (DPO) in the first period.

In the same time, he continued, in February and March, bulk palm cooking oil in Tanjung Balai, District of Asahan, District of Labuhanbatu induk, District of Labuhanbatu Utara, and District of Labuhanbatu Selatan got more expensive.

"The districts are palm oil plantations in North Sumatera Province but bulk palm cooking oil was rare and expensive namely in the period,” he said.

He also told, Pekasawitnas will not stay still about this. Some time ago, he and other coordinator, M Zainuddin Daulay came by to KPPU Regional I in Medan.

They officially claimed the two companies to KPPU by delivering complaint documents within the Number 0136/DPP/PEKASWITNAS/VI/2022 and Number 0137/DPP/PEKASWITNAS/VI/ 2022 on 3 June 2022.

Head of KPPU Regional I, Ridho Pamungkas and two staffs of KPPU in law enforcement got them in the office.

"We claimed the two companies by hoping that KPPU would investigate them and hope, there is no more palm cooking oil carter in the future,” he said.

Until this news is broadcasted, InfoSAWIT could not confirm PT Jampalan Baru about the complaint from Pekasawitnas. From the official page of PT Jampalan Baru, it was established in 1978.

But Public Relation of PT Sintong Abadi could not confirm the complaint too far. “I do not know and I could not answer it,” Tofa from PT Sintong Abadi mentioned.

Head of KPPU Regional I, Ridho Pamungkas mentioned, PT Sintong Abadi was called as the witness in cartel assumption to produce and sell palm cooking oil nationally.

“But we never called If PT Jampalan Baru but based on our data, it is the distributor of PT Permata Hijau Group," kata Ridho.

He also confirmed that what Pekasawitnas complained about would be followed up but in the separated case from palm cooking oil carter assumption nationally. “It could be by the late of this month or in the early of July, we would call it,” he said. (T5)