SDU Muara Wahau Got Sekolah Adiwiyata Award in Province Level

SDU Muara Wahau Got Sekolah Adiwiyata Award in Province Level

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Sekolah Dharma Utama (SDU) Muara Wahau, East Kalimantan, that consists of sekolah dasar (SD) or elementary and sekolah menengah pertama (SMP) or junior high school managed by wood and palm oil company, PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk (DSN Group) got Sekolah Adiwiyata Award in East Kalimantan Province level.

Sekolah Adiwiyata is a school which is committed to develop programs or good and ideal place to get knowledge, norm, and ethics that could be the basic things for every people (child/student) to create better lives in the realization of sustainable development.

The award was handed over on Monday (6/6/2022) in Samarinda, East Kalimantan on the same day of the World Environment day in 2022, by Governor of East Kalimantan Province, H. Isran Noor to the Principal of SD Dharma Utama, Bonaventura Trias Y.P; and Principal of SMP Dharma Utama, Muhamad Nasokah.

Principal of Sekolah Dharma Utama, Julianus Gultom mentioned, SDU got the award because it is the place which really cares about healthy, clean, and beautiful environment. The award would be for the next four years.

Besides getting the award in province level, on 2 June 2022 SDU also got award as Sekolah Adiwiyata in district level (Kutai Timur) which was handed over by the Regent of Kutai Timur, Drs. H. Ardiansyah Sulaiman, M.Si. SDU in the two levels got the award in district level just like last year.

“We started preparing every instrument needed from 2021. We did communicate with the board of supervisor of the schools through UPT of Muara Wahau education. SDU got the first visit from Environment Agency Sangatta,” Gultom said after getting the award, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

SDU prepared everything for one year by cooperating with others in the plantations of DSN Group in Muara Wahau. In the period, SDU keeps improving and solving every instrument to get the assessment in province level, such as, administration, education for sustainable development of identifikasi potensi dan masalah lingkungan hidup (IPMLH), rencana pelaksanaan pembelajaran (RPP), the sanitation of drainage, waste management, tree nursery, water conservation, energy conservation, and other related programs.

“After we got the instrument done and reported to environment agency, the validated everything in person and did online interview for it is in pandemic still,” he said.

Julianus Gultom mentioned, the award to SDU could be the commitment of DSN Group to sustainability aspect through one of its stakeholders by hoping that the award could maintain and increase through the school higher standards in environment perspective – base. (T2)