The Government Should Not Publish Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Subsidy anymore

 The Government Should Not Publish Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Subsidy anymore

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – Bulk palm cooking oil in many provinces in Indonesia, including in North Sumatera, gets cheaper or could be cheaper than the highest retail price (HRP) just like what the government decided, which is Rp 14.00//liter or Rp 15.500/kg.

What happens to bulk palm cooking oil has something to do with packaged palm cooking oil both in simple or premium packages which significantly gets cheaper or from Rp 25.000 to Rp 29.000 per liter to be Rp 20.000 - Rp 23.000/liter.

Knowing the positive trend, economy observer and lecturer in many universities in Medan, Gunawan Benjamin urged the government to get the best action.

“For instance, the subsidy for bulk palm cooking oil which has been revoked or not available anymore. I hope that in the future, there would be no sustainable subsidy to palm cooking oil,” he said to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (7/6/2022) noon.

If palm cooking oil price is in control, the subsidy should not be available anymore. Gunawan continued, the cheaper palm cooking oil price warded the worry that said, revoking bulk palm cooking oil subsidy would make it more expensive.

He hoped, the cheaper bulk palm cooking oil could be equal in every retailer level.

“There should be no more issue about palm cooking oil price just like what happened in the past few months,” he said.

Benjamin also mentioned, the important thing for the government is to maintain the moment and people’s buying capability, but not to deliver palm cooking oil subsidy.

One thing to maintain this moment is by delivering social helps for the people to be able to buy daily needs which the price keeps increasing.

“Social helps can be delivered but not for palm cooking oil subsidy. Social helps can be delivered as same as the economic recovery which runs slowly and the high inflation which also presses the people’s buying capability,” he said. (T5)